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img Maxxmora always strives for high quality beginning from the preference of the raw material to the engineering details of every single furniture piece. To work with world-famous designers, we aim to create unique pieces of work without compromising functionality and sustainability.



img Our products contain various top-level materials to complete our conscientious efforts in distinct concrete forms. In order to achieve this level of quality & distinction, we convey the most recent procedures of production with artisanship.



What are you looking for from a piece of furniture? Comfort, quality, or durability...
We combine the power of the latest technology with master provinces and transform them into time-defying pieces of furniture. Maxxmora gives you everything you need and deserve.

Teak of Durableness

Thanks to First Quality Burmese Teak, we can offer you long-lasting experiences in the outdoor spaces that you dream of. Being a nature-originated product, it is absolutely normal for teak/iroko to get small surficial cracks and to lose its color from golden brown to light silver within six months to two years due to the natural weather circumstances, in ceratin extents. Enabling your furniture to stay intact and as beautiful as the very first day of purchase against the sharp conditions of extreme temperatures and more.

Aluminium in Colours

Aluminium is an ideal material for outdoor & exterior solutions thanks to its unparalleled lightness, excellent ( weight-to-strength ratio, and remarkable resistance to the vast scale of corrosions. We paint our first-class stainless steel with the most elegant of colors. For a solid & strong structure that sensible merged with upscale beauty in every part of your exteriors.

Upholstery with Brightness

Maxxmora offers a broad scale of upscale, 100% solution-dyed acrylic fabrics with a gentle touch and stylish, sophisticated patterns. 100% solution-dyed acrylic has 7-8 colorfastness under exposure to ultra-violet rays and even open-air conditions. All acrylic fabrics have a surface process that enhances water and stain repellent parcels. 
Artificial leathers are favorably enduring for outdoor conditions and have resistance to stain, dirt, and other remainings. The composition of the artificial leather is 2% vinyl acrylic 76% polyvinyl chloride 22% Polyester and has 100.000 Martindale and fire retardancy properties.

Braids for the Aesthetics

Compactness is an essential concept for us in both levels of design and production. To guarantee the ideal shape and endurance against every possible external effect, we use UV-proof and 100 % Solution Dyed Acrylic and combine them with the most suitable coating options.

Durability & Warranty

Everlasting beauty for your outdoor spaces: Maxxmora creates strong, distinct, and intact pieces for long years of use. Our quality maxims which incorporate recent technologic tools with extensive attention, make possible the Maxxmora warranty.

Care & Maintenance

As Maxxmora, we selectively use durable materials for outdoor conditions. Yet, we recommend you apply the care and maintenance processes written in the Warranty, Care and Maintenance Guide. We also advise you to hold special maintenance kits for the products which have teak, iroko, and upholsteries.