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For the persistent and heart-warming memories

Good memories manage to ascend through time. Our unique design, Meon, helps you conceive those memories. Are you ready to fuse your special moments with special marble exterior options?
Meon Side Table

Meon Side Table

Meon Side Table
Water Resistant & Sun Durability
5 years of warranty for color loss

Technical Features

img MW-01 Teak
img MW-02 Iroko
img MTC-01 Extra Statuario
img MTC-02 Metal Dark
img MTC-03 Pulpis Brown
PORCELAIN CERAMIC TILES img Porcelain Ceramic that we are using on tabletops is a very durable material in terms of fire, heat, UV, and chemical resistance. They are also completely frost and weatherproof. Our Porcelain ceramic table tops have 12mm thickness.
TEAK/IROKO img Teak and Iroko are extremely resistant hardwood to outdoor conditions, such as changes in temperatures, humidity, saltines, snow, and frost. Being a natural product, it is normal for teak/iroko to get small surficial cracks and to lose its color from golden brown to light silver within 6 months to 2 years due to the natural weathering.