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For the persistent and heart-warming memories

Good memories manage to ascend through time. Our unique design, Meon, helps you conceive those memories. Are you ready to fuse your special moments with special marble exterior options?
Meon Footstool

Meon Footstool

Meon Footstool
Water Resistant & Sun Durability
5 years of warranty for color loss

Technical Features

img MW-01 Teak
img MW-02 Iroko
img MFR-01 White
img MFR-02 Raw
img MFR-03 Linen
img MFR-04 Graphite
img MFR-05 Argenta Grey
img MFR-06 Ash
img MFR-07 Dark Grey
img MFR-08 Dun Grey
img MFR-09 Chestnut
img MFR-10 Khaki
img MFS-01 White
img MFS-02 Canvas
img MFS-03 Linen Chalk
img MFS-04 Carbon Beige
img MFS-05 Grey Chine
img MFS-06 Charcoal Chine
img MFS-07 Sooty
img MFS-08 Frosty Chine
img MFS-09 Straw
img MFS-10 Hibiscus
img MFS-11 Matcha
img MFS-12 Uyuni
img MFS-13 Pastis
img MFS-14 Cyclades
FABRIC img Maxxmora is offering a wide range of exclusive, %100 solution-dyed acrylic fabrics with a soft touch and stylish, sophisticated pattern. %100 solution-dyed acrylic has 7-8 colorfastness under exposure to ultra-violet rays and open-air conditions. All Acrylic fabrics have a surface treatment that enhances water and stain repellent properties.
TEAK/IROKO img Teak and Iroko are extremely resistant hardwood to outdoor conditions, such as changes in temperatures, humidity, saltines, snow, and frost. Being a natural product, it is normal for teak/iroko to get small surficial cracks and to lose its color from golden brown to light silver within 6 months to 2 years due to the natural weathering.